Artem Kolesnikov, born in 1977 in Novomoskovsk, Ukraine.
From a young age, he showed an interest in drawing, took up painting and strived to improve his skills. In search of professionalism, Artem graduated from a professional art school with a degree in academic drawing and painting. Over time, he discovered a passion for depicting raging waves, rocks and ships. I began to master the theme of seascapes on canvas. In 2016, Artem Kolesnikov moved to Spain, where he continued to engage in creativity in marine painting, which became his characteristic style, attracting the attention of viewers with its energy and drama.
Unfortunately, due to the war in Ukraine, many paintings already painted in previous years could not be saved, but without despair, he picked up his brushes to continue creating from a new sheet of paper.
His life is a desire to continue creating beautiful things and giving!