A marine painter who devoted himself to depicting turbulent ocean behaviour, waves and historic ships
of the past. Inspired by the behaviour of the ocean, I aim to convey to convey the power and unpredictability of the
      of the ocean and try to create emotionally intense works of art.
      The era of maritime romanticism, which began in the XVIII-XIX centuries, included famous people - sailors, writers, artists,

whose life and work were associated with the sea and maritime themes. Among them:
Herman Melville - author of the novel Moby Dick, which explores the theme of whaling and maritime adventure.
James Cook - British navigator and explorer who made several voyages to the Pacific and Southern Oceans.

Caspar David Friedrich - German artist whose landscapes and sea paintings reflected a romantic view of nature.
These names and others epitomise the spirit of maritime romanticism and contributed to the literature, art and scientific research of the era. I use classical techniques and oil paints. I capture the depth and texture of the

sea through visual imagery, strive to improve and learn new techniques, and experiment with composition and colour to create unique works of art. I also strive to evoke emotion and awaken people's responsibility for the ecology of the planet.
.My main goal is to convey the magic of the ocean and the majesty of the waves through my paintings.

I hope that viewers will not only enjoy the beauty of the sea, but also realise the responsibility

we have to preserve the flora and fauna for future generations".